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Santiago Valverde López is a wood turner from Córdoba, Spain, who principally works with olive wood. He has been turning wood since 2000. Santiago did not initially train as a woodworker. After finishing some vocational training in 1989, he did his military service, after which he started to work for an industrial refrigeration company. This is where he met master wood craftsman Domingo, who had his workshop next to the factory where Santiago worked. He found that he liked this work and bought tools and machines to work wood from an artisan who was taking his retirement. In 2000, Santiago left his company and created his own workshop. To create his works he uses different types of wood, many of them native to his location, especially olive wood, which to Santiago evokes the area and its customs.

Santa Eufemia (Córdoba) Spain  Santiago Valverde López Paraje Santa Quiteria s/n 14491 Santa Eufemia (Córdoba)
+34 661 42 30 77
Space: Best of Europe