The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
Welcome to Homo Faber Crafting a more human future 14-30 September 2018, Venice
Open from 10:00 to 19:00 - Last entrance at 18:30​
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Homo Faber Today 19 September

Get closer to craftsmanship by exploring today’s interactive events and activities
Watch artisans demonstrating their skills live
Discovery and Rediscovery

Watch artisans from some of Europe’s finest luxury houses demonstrating rare or unique skills including saddlemaking, enamelling, engraving and glyptic art.

Restoring Art's Masters

Discover the secrets of art restoration by watching artisans wearing Go Pro cameras restoring artworks in front of your eyes. 11:30-13:30 - Talk (Places limited, Italian) Unstable works: The restoration of contemporary polymatheric works.

Best of Europe

Stefano Conticelli Italy
leather working
Sylvie Deschamps France
gold embroidering
Sam Elgar UK
stone carving
Cecilia Levy Sweden
paper art
Stéphanie Millet France
Stian Korntved Ruud Norway
wood carving

Poetry of Wood

The master woodworkers of Bottega Ghianda, Italian furniture makers of excellence, showcase the fine craftsmanship that goes into their products.

Workshop Exclusives

See the team from Konner demonstrate the techniques involved in creating a customised helicopter. Watch a high-tech e-bike being assembled by Monaco-based start-up Stajvelo.

Attend a fascinating talk about craftsmanship
19.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Economy
Craftsmanship in a post-industrial world
Stefano Micelli

An exploration of the role of craftsmanship in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

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Take part in a hands-on workshop
Mesmerizing Embroidery

Don’t miss this very special opportunity to work alongside master artisans from leading Paris embroidery house Lesage and try out some of their incredible techniques! Working on a large cotton canvas, you will help embroider a 19th century map of Venice as seen from the sky. Sessions last 30 minutes.

Homo Faber TV
Sumptuous materials

Dive into the wonderful materials, from wood to glass to incredible textiles, present at Homo Faber.

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Watch them all here.
Mulier Faber: designed by women

A discussion about the creative originality of women.

The new frontiers of conservation

A preview of the forthcoming book ‘Art Work’ dedicated to the world of art conservation.

A Venice time machine

Frédéric Kaplan: Learn more about an incredible project aiming to create a 3D digital model of Venice through the ages.

If it is virtual, Is it craft?

Guillaume Martini: A discussion of digital craftsmanship in the context of the virtual reality experience in ‘Singular Talents’.