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Join us 10 sept. - 11 oct. 2020
Homo Faber Join us 10 sept. - 11 oct. 2020
Cultural Exhibition Celebrating the best of European and Japanese craftsmanship

Homo Faber 2020 shines a light on the living treasures of Europe and Japan, with 17 exhibitions showcasing master artisans and exceptional objects curated by a world-class team of leaders in their fields of design, architecture and curation. An international cultural event to celebrate Europe’s and Japan’s human skills and to link contemporary, traditional and rare craftsmanship to the world of design. Watch Japanese and European Master Artisans at work in live demonstrations, go behind the scenes to witness the unique creative processes behind fine craftsmanship, be immersed in new innovative approaches and inspired by expert voices.

Programme 17 exhibitions, 22 curators and designers, multiple live demonstrations, craftsmanship conferences, Japanese tea and Ikebana ceremonies.

In the magical setting of the San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Fondazione Giorgio Cini opens up its beautiful array of spaces especially for Homo Faber 2020 to showcase the excellent craftsmanship of Europe and Japan in 17 striking exhibitions. These exhibitions celebrate the diversity of materials and expertise from endangered craftsmanship to cutting-edge contemporary techniques. From live workshops, installations to conferences, film screenings and a garden exhibition, Homo Faber 2020 offers visitors an immersive programme.

Exceptional objects
Master artisans
A new perspective
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Homo Faber is the premier event organized by the Michelangelo Foundation, an international non- profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, which celebrates and preserves master craftsmanship around the world and strengthen its connection to the world of design.